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Gambling has been a popular pastime for Canadians for many years. Across the provinces, it’s become a thriving industry and a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. But do Canadians have any preferences when it comes to gambling in general and, more specifically, online slots?


In this article, we will try and answer these questions because understanding a nation’s preferences is important.


Gambling plays a critical role in Canada. The first lotteries were only introduced 30 years ago. There are now more than 50 permanent casinos, 21,000 slot machines, 38,000 video lottery terminals, 20,000 annual bingo events, and 44 permanent horse race tracks in Canada. Gambling has also been a subject regularly debated. Much of the debate is informed by public opinion.

Online vs. Land-Based – What do Canadians Prefer?

The gambling industry in Canada is enormous. It is estimated that around 76% of adult Canadians engage in gambling, representing a figure of approximately 30 million people. In terms of annual revenue, the estimates are that more than CA$17 billion is taken by the industry every year, and the figure increases by around 4.9% annually.


One major contributing factor is the advent of online casinos. In recent years, online gambling has steadily increased. But do Canadians prefer online or land-based casinos?


Land-based casinos may have suffered in recent months due to the coronavirus, but it has been one of Canada’s favorite pastimes for many years. At these land-based casinos, visitors can play a wide selection of games including slots and table games.


Canada has 100 casinos, and while they might not be open as much as before COVID-19, they can attract around 30,000 visitors each day. It’s not just the oldies who are visiting these land-based casinos. Statistics show that more than half of Canadian-millennials visit casinos once or twice a year. 19% of them visit at least once a month.


When it comes to online gambling, Canada is ranked number eight in the world for online gambling. Regulations concerning online gambling are not the same across all provinces, which has led some to tap into the industry and launch their own online gambling sites. Provinces with their own gambling sites include Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Alongside these, Canadians can access more than 2,000 offshore online casinos.

Do Canadians Prefer to Play Slots Online?

There is a wide range of games to play at most online casinos. Lotteries, scratch tickets, and raffles are a popular way to gamble for Canadians. Casino games and slot machines come further down the list of gambling participation.


Some of the most popular slots you can find at Canadian online casinos include:


  • Classic Slots: You’ll find a wide variety of this type of game. Many are played with just three reels and a small number of paylines. They are very similar to the one-armed bandits and classic fruit machines of old. Classic slots are straightforward to play and rarely come with any special features.
  • Video Slots: This is one of the most popular slots genres. You’ll find video slots of all shapes and sizes. Some of these slots have unique themes, a vast array of paylines, and some exceedingly special and exciting features.
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots: A progressive jackpot slot has no cap on its cash prizes, unlike a non-progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot prizes can reach several millions of dollars. Every time a new wager is placed, the prize pot increases in size. The result can be a prize that’s a life-changing amount of money up for grabs.
  • Mobile/3D Slots: Mobile slots are very much the same as video slots, but the difference is in the way they’ve been designed. A mobile slot will typically feature buttons and gameplay suitable for players who want to use their smartphones and tablets. A 3D slot will contain 3D graphics, animated action, and much more.


Slots may form the lion’s share at Canadian online casinos, but they are almost as popular as RNG table games and live dealer table games. You might find other games at an online casino, including instant win games, scratch cards, video poker, sports betting, bingo, lottery games, and poker.


Canada is a vast country, and as well as enjoying a diverse cultural, racial, and religious background, the gambling sector is equally varied.


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