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As restrictions ease up, rolling out vaccines to fight the disease that’s been looming over the world for the better part of the past couple of years remains at the forefront of Ontario’s provincial economic recovery plan. Consequently, this sparked new hope for the Casino Rama Resort stakeholders, who plan on opening their doors to the Canuck gamblers as soon as August.

It has been well over a year since Gateway Casinos & Entertainment’s venture has been experiencing the worst draught of players, compliments of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to authorities and in line with an uncontestable amount of logic, the big reopening hinges entirely on how effectively the aforementioned vaccines will be rolled out to Ontario’s population.

Gateway Stakeholders vs. Local Government

Rob Mitchell, Gateway’s spokesman, says that an August reopening is as possible as ever, given the local government follows up with a succesful completion of the 3rd economic recovery stage. According to the official, together with the health measures employed so far, a total of an encouraging 70 to 80% of the province’s adult population will have received at least one of the two vaccine doses by the time this final economic recoverys tage is completed.

Therefore, without any other potential hurdles on the way, Casino Rama Resort is well on track to fall in line with the stakeholders’ plans by the start of August, enforced Mitchell. Alternatively, he pointed out a few potentially debilitating factors to the whole endeavour, as the worldwide health crisis remains volatile still, which could hinder timelines regarding the process of rolling out vaccinations in due course.

All in all, Rob Mitchell ended his statement by declaring he remains optimistic while touting caution for the remainder of the economic and medical recovery stage. Only by virtue of these two crucial factors will Rama Casino Resort begin to function normally again.

Coming Back Stronger

                This story, however, is not lacking the proverbial silver lining.  Given the mandatory safety measures employed since the beginning of the pandemic and gradually evolving with the situation, Rama Casino was consequently forced to take out approximately 400 slot machines and an additional 20 table games to maintain safe distance between gambling enthusiasts that could still visit the establishment.

                Following the imminent shutdown, Rama Casino was originally due to open back up sometime around November 2020, but casino officials were soon forced to postpone until further notice.

                With the developments of late, however, that date draws nearer and nearer. Furthermore, Gateway stakeholders have also officially announced that major improvements will be coming of the back off the whole situation, as some of the old slots that were taken out prior will be replaced with newer, more modern machinery in anticipation of the August grand opening.

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